Dolphin Lust

In January 1981 I had a jam session with old friend Ian Walker (guitar) and his American-born cousin, Christian Lunch (keyboards). Chris was then based in Hamburg, Germany and had worked with Jello Biafra around the time the Dead Kennedys were a big band on the American punk scene. We decided the music was pretty crazy and that we ought to arrange it enough so we could do some gigs. I suggested we could name the band after one of Chris's songs, Dolphin Lust.

The line-up varied quite a bit over time (as did the name), degenerating into what became known as The Red Mess. Chris Lunch was also doing some gigs with London scene band, The Flying Club, and one of their prominent members, Steve Hayle, also gigged with us a few times (see Gig List for details).

Chris Lunch did an album entitled Shark Bait while based in Hamburg, and had previously recorded The Witch Trials with Jello Biafra. We continued to do occasional gigs during 1982 and 1983. Chris is currently based in San Francisco.

Christian Lunch : The Witch Trials, Unreliable Sources

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