Úna O Boyle
In 1994 I played some electric guitar and bass guitar on the Hyper[Borea] album Serpentine. These were the early recording sessions from mid-September that took place in Newlyn, Cornwall where I was working alongside David Bickley, producing the grooves and samples that became the framework for many of the songs. The majority of the album tracks were recorded in Dublin, Eire, late 94 and into 1995. I went over to Dublin in January, contributing a couple more sessions on guitar.

In September 1995 I worked with David on a jungle track groove that became Dans Maen on the Magnetic Jungle EP-length CD. The album Serpentine was launched in early April 1996. Sales did well in Eire but it was never released in the UK. As a result of co-writing two tracks with David, and one with vocalist Úna O Boyle, I became a member of IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organisation).

The most recent album from the band was Gaelactica. I recorded my guitar parts on to CD, alongside the relevant backing tracks, in my studio in West Cornwall between 5 and 12 August 2001. The CD was released in February 2003.

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